Our Team

At Kensho Security Labs, we know that collaboration is the main tool the blue team has at their disposal. If we want to build a more secure world, we'll have to do it together.

Zac Adam-MacEwen

Zac is the founder of Kensho Security Labs. As the currenlty-only member of the Labs's staff, his responsibilities include pretty well everything the Labs do. The product of a largely self-directed technical education, he jocularly refers to himself as the "least qualified person in the room", not that that's stopped him from spearheading the development of Tapestry and its companion Service, Loom; accumulating a signficant score on Hack the Box; or leading the charge on the creation of an in-house bug bounty program at his day job.

Zac is a former (he says "Recovering") chef, a graduate of the New Brunwick Community College, and a dab hand with a set of lockpicks. When he's not actively trying to sound confident in the third person, he's usually trying to come up with his next research project by giving fake talks in the shower.

You can reach Zac at zadammac AT kenshosec.com, using the PGP key listed above.