Security Services by Kensho Security Labs

We might be too small an enterprise to manage your company's security program live in real time, but we punch well above our weight when it comes to evaluating existing security practices for potential vulnerabilities, and prescribing just the right level of remediation to optimize them. Better still, KSL isn't partnered with any other vendors or providers, so when we make our recommendations to you, you know that those recommendations are coming entirely from our experience and are made with your best interests in mind, not ours.

Here at Kensho, we practice security evaluation in a few different areas.

Application/WebApplication Security

Maybe it's just the circles we run in, but it seems to us that a week hasn't passed where news of this, that, or the other organization's flagship application having a critical security flaw is found. Whether it's something as simple as leaking consumer data, or as dangerous as being entirely exploitable, the fact is, modern software development practices just don't tend to keep the security of the offering as their highest priority.

At Kensho Security Labs, we take a pen-to-pixels approach to the secure development of new and existing applications and web applications. Most modern businesses seem to have some degree or another of dedicated application, whether it's the reservations app at the trendy new local bistro or your print media company's in-house CRM.

If you're concerned about the applications you or your company is developing, and you're want to ensure that those applications are secure and both now in the future, you could do a lot worse than to work with us on the problem. Contact our inquiry line today to get started. Initial consultation and quotes are free, and with no obligation.

Network/System Security

What's more fun than getting unauthorized access on one machine? Using it to ride roughshod across the rest of the target network. When a company falls victim to a major compromise, it's almost never because the master database server with all the credit cards was hacked from the outset. Instead, it's usually the case that someone in a branch office clicked a nasty link in a phishing email, and the attackers pivoted from their computer, through a networked printer, to a shared NAS on the main corporate net, and so forth until the CISO's laptop is compromised and they can use her access to do virtually whatever they want.

It sounds like a farfetched model - something out of Ocean's Eleven - but in all honesty it's more common than the kind of catastrophic security failure that would wind up with the Very Valuable Database exposed to the public interenet directly.

At Kensho Security Labs, we actually spend time not just learning classical hacker techniques for gaining access, but actively developing our own. As the old expression goes, the best cops are former thieves, after all. Having intimiate knowledge of how real-world attackers pull of their attacks puts us in the best possible position to prevent the same people from doing so.

Whether you're a big enterprise with an on-site security team, or just the local cafe-bar trying to make sure that all the folks using your free WiFi aren't about to interfere with your business machines, steal credit cards, or hack each other, we can help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation on how we can best be of service to you.

For us, the bottom line is that you deserve the peace of mind that your business is as safe from cyberattack as possible.