Custom Python Development by Kensho Security Labs

There is no "perfect" programming language. Ask any software developer, and they might not even be able to narrow things down to one favourite language. Every language has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Python is no different. As an interpreted language, it has a lot to offer in terms of flexibility and speed of development. Python code is always source code, and well-written python is practically plain english in terms of how easy it is to read.

At Kensho Security Labs, we use a lot of python. It's been the principal language used for everything from the runtime scripts on our Enumpi project to the entire codebase of our specialty file backup tool, Tapestry. For all but the heaviest applications or the most limited resource platforms, Python is sufficient for a wide variety of tasks.

For our customers, we've even built such things as Specialty Twitter and Discord Bots, specialized web servers, and more. Whether the application you have in mind is for process automation or a fully-featured Web Application, we may be able to help. Reach out to us today to start a conversation about your project and whether or not Python would be an appropriate language to use.