In the 1990's there was one toy virtually guaranteed to attract kids my age and annoy every adult possible - the gateway toy to teachers needing to confiscate digital equipment from their students. I'm speaking of the virtual pet, made popular under brand names like Tamagotchi and GigaPet. These small devices entertained you with monochrome-LCD representations of animals or other living creatures and screamed at you with tiny piezo speakers if you didn't give them the attention they were rightfully trying to steal.

PETI is our project to both reclaim the old retro style of the virtual pet experience - echewing some of the fancier features of the newer successors to that type of device while also, naturally, plugging in some side-features more akin to some of the hackable challenge badges seen at security conferences like DEFCON, to continue to speaking to the remaining 90s kids my age.

Currently the codebase for PETI is not public, but it's likely the final design and software will be made Open Source.

Varied Character Set

The design of the game code itself is sufficiently modular that individual pets can be swapped out by simply replacing header files. This modularity may even extend to other aspects of the game, supporting its hackability.

Retro-Tech Renaissance

An old concept is given new life with a modern design based on the Texas Instrument MSP430 microcontroller and SHARP Memory LCDs, for lower power consumption. Other quality of life improvements keep the device easy to use and portable.


Exposed UART and 0Ω-resisors will provide some post-manufacturing modification ability, allowing for the possibility of including event-specific or general-purpose "reversal puzzle" functionality as is common on electronic badges.

Contribute Financially To PETI Development

While it's not a requirement at all, we absolutely encourage your donations. At the moment, we're stuck in fiat-space until the crypto currencies stabilize themselves a bit. The easiest way to donate is to contribute to our coffee fund. Full disclosure, more often than not, alias coffee cola!