BSides Fredericton 2019 - Operational Security for Freelancers

Last Updated: 2018-02-02


In November 2018 I gave a talk at B-Sides Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada, on the subject of Operational Security for Freelancers. The talk was actually a modification of another talk I'd planned to give for freelance creatives, which influenced the content.


At a point in the talk I make the cardinal error of pretending to be a lawyer; I made a declarative statement about the safety of incorporation. I get called on this during the Q&A, but I want to state here definitively that there's no certainties in law, particularly where finance is concerned. Incorporation, done right, is a decent liability shield. Doing that right likely requires consulting a lawyer and an accountant, so bear that in mind.

One other point I should add as well - I mention indemnity contracts - this is another area where you should consult a lawyer. Any time you need an agreement of any kind, really.

If you enjoyed this talk, great! I enjoyed giving it. I'd encourage you to join me at the 2019 BSides Fredericton. As well, I'm working on a new research project I hope to present there next year. If you'd like to help out, please consider donating to my Coffee Fund!