Services Provided by Kensho Security Labs

Though a small, independant outfit with its own host of research and development projects, the bread and butter of the Lab is still its ability to perform services for interested parties. To facilitate this, we've prepared a listing of the services we have on offer. If you have a project you'd like us to work on with you, please reach out to

Python Development

If you couldn't tell by the nature of our current projects, our primary area of development is in the use of python. Kensho Labs provides python development as a service as well. Whether your project involves process automation, data processing, web-based automation, or something more exotic, we'd certainly be interested in having a look.

For us, past projects have ranged from simple workflow automation tasks to building entire web service integrations, and even the odd chatbot. If it can be written in python, we can build it. Depending on the nature of your request your project could cost as little as $100. For quotes, please contact

Security Services

Application Security is an often-overlooked part of the application development process. If you're working on a small desktop, mobile, or web application, we'd love to evaluate it. Our consultation with you would be entirely confidential, our responsible disclosure terms perfectly reasonable, and we'd work with you after the fact to provide our recommendations to secure any vulnerable aspects we find. Application security engagements start at $300 and rarely go over budget, so there's really no good reason to pass up this opportunity - unless you want to be the next major breach, that is.

Network Security is another service we provide. An engagement with Kensho Security Labs comes with our full evaluation of your network, a detailed report on our findings, and an "in" to work with us on enhancing and hardening your security setup. Owing to the complicated nature of network security engagements, please contact for a tailored quote.

Tapestry as a Service

Our Backup Automation Program, Tapestry, is Free, Open-Source Software. However, there can be some nuance to getting it set up in the most ideal way for your organization. Depending on the size and nature of your organization, we encourage you to reach out to us directly via to discuss deploying the script throughout your organization and training in its use. Watch this space - in the near future we'll be offering a companion service to Tapestry with important enhancements.