Tapestry Backup Utility

Early on, I decided that my unnecessarily time consuming backup process could very well be automated. At the time, I was thinking of learning Python anyway, so I decided to write Tapestry in that - first in 2.7 and, later, in 3.6. Tapestry peforms what I call a "Blockwise Packaging" algorithm and then packages and encrypts its backups with a minimum of disk overhead. The whole project is currently under active development.

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Last fall, to coincide with the anniversary of the birth of Arthur Scherbius, we created an implementation of the Enigma Polyalphabetic Cipher Machine in Python 3.6. Our implementation is thought to be novel because it involved a direct emulation of the enigma hardware rather than being an abstract implementation of the math itself. While Enigma's not really a useful cipher in this, the age of gigahertz computing, it was a fun project in any respect.

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