Tapestry Specialist Backup Tool

Early on, I decided that my unnecessarily time consuming backup process could very well be automated. At the time, I was thinking of learning Python anyway, so I decided to write Tapestry in that - first in 2.7 and, later, in 3.6. Tapestry peforms what I call a "Blockwise Packaging" algorithm and then packages and encrypts its backups with a minimum of disk overhead. The whole project is currently under active development.

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Loom Tapfile Librarian

While any tapfile can be stored on any drive, managing a large number of the files seamlessly - and remotely - requires a certain amount of automation. The Loom proect hopes to provide exactly that framework, and allow for the organized, effortless storage of tapfiles at any scale.

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Sanity Line

Late in 2017, I published my own novel, the first I'd ever had in print. A brief synopsis is available below. The book itself forms the first volume of a trilogy, with the second book expected by Summer 2019.

When it's criminals there's the National Police, when it's foreign foes, you have the Self Defense Forces. For everything else, the Zaxtonian Union has its Agency Division. The union's native history runs deep. Whether it's the busy metropolis of Kraterburg, the dusty wastes of many-deserted Razeland, or the thick boreal rainforest of the Terrwald, ancient secrets, alliances, and lore pervade the undercurrent of Zaxtonian Society. From time to time things bubble up from the depths - dark things, verboten things. Enter Vidcund Dark. One of Agency's revered Men in Black, Vidcund's job starts where common sense ends, holding the line against the chaos and insanity that threatens our neatly-ordered world. When his day starts with the release of a new version of a proscribed text, everything seems routine. But the sudden return of an old enemy gets the National Police's Detective Niles Clayton involved where Vidcund would rather he isn't, and soon nothing is going according to plan.

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