Welcome to Kensho Security Labs!

The Labs are a small, independant technology exploration and development concern operating out of Atlantic Canada. Our current areas of focus are security and contingency. Our goal is to improve the overall security posture of computing culture as a whole. You can find information about our actively-developed specialty backup tool, Tapestry, as well as our other going concerns on the Projects tab. If you would like information about contracting the Labs for Development or Consultancy purposes, please refer to the Services page.

Latest News

2018/12/30: Added the second of a short guide series on constructing the Enumpi and developing system-scale projects in general. This installment covers initial provisioning of the pi, installing (and in one case compiling) the gobuster, and the basic design of the main script to handle the automation. I also cover how to do it better than I already did.

2018/12/22: Added the first of a short guide series on constructing the Enumpi and developing system-scale projects in general. This miniseries is a diversion from the intended set of guides, but a little too verbose to make a single-page project entry regarding. Made some general spelling improvements as well.

2018/09/22: Finally added the Services page, and pushed the phase-one rebrand.

2018/09/05: Added a guide to the guides section: Using a Yubikey 4 or NEO as an OpenPGP smart card.

2018/08/15: A bit of a major website restructure, both navigationally and in terms of the code. The fiction section was merged into the projects section, and several project pages entirely rewritten. Unfortunately, still no graphical improvements.

2018/04/01: Updated the page for Tapestry to reflect that it's been updated to version 1.0.0.

2018/02/25: Today I've pushed a large number of formatting fixes and other minor tweaks to the website. Also added the library section. If you aren't part of DC506 you may be able to get access if you are even a little bit leet.

2018/02/07: I've finally gotten around to adding the PC Onboarding Guide to the guides section, and I think it's safe to say that its brother, the mobile device guide, will be coming soon.